Paralysed teenager ‘tries to rob jewellers by pointing fake gun with feet’

A video shows the moment a paralysed teenager allegedly tried to rob a jewellery shop by pointing a fake gun held with his feet.

The 19-year-old, who is deaf and unable to speak, is accused of giving a note to an employee that read ‘hand over everything, don’t raise attention’ at the store in Canela, Brazil on Monday.

The young man, who is said to be unable to use his arms due to cerebral palsy, was reportedly taken to the police station for questioning after the incident, and an investigation is ongoing.

An unnamed shop worker claims he initially thought the suspect was begging when he saw another customer hand him money.

He was in the store for roughly 10 minutes before allegedly giving the staff member the threatening note.

The staff member added that he believed the teenager was joking, but realised it was serious when he pulled out a gun with his feet.

He said: ‘The gun looked real. A guy in the back of the shop saw and called the police.’

A report from Metropoles claims the young man gave his account of events to police with the help of a family member.

Local police deputy Vladimir Medeiros said that crime would have been impossible to complete ‘especially if you consider the physical condition of the suspect and the impossibility of him escaping’.

The 19-year-old has been released while officers continue their investigation.

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