Elderly woman fighting for life and man found with stab wounds

An elderly woman is fighting for life and a man has stab wounds to his leg after an alleged ‘domestic incident’ in north London.

The couple, both in their early 70s, were taken to hospital after police were called around 8.24pm yesterday.

Officers found the woman ‘unresponsive’ and said her condition is being treated as life-threatening, but the man is expected to recover.

Neighbours named the married couple as Mervyn and Elizabeth Kohler.

One woman said Elizabeth was active in the local church, at nearby St Peter de Beauvoir, and was a member of the Women’s Institute.

Dariusz Zych, who lives nearby, said the couple volunteered for charity organisations.

He said: ‘I would often see her in the garden and I sometimes saw him walking in the street and near the canal.

‘I would take the mail and parcels in for them sometimes. Sometimes they brought round strawberries to us.’

Today the house is still taped off, with a police car sitting in the driveway and uniformed officers guarding the scene.

A forensic van is parked nearby, and an officers in protective gear have come in and out the three-storey townhouse.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said she knew Mervyn and Elizabeth Kohler through their church work and that many in the community were worried about what happened.

She said: ‘She has a heart of gold and is so well respected in the community. They’re both so well liked.’

Another neighbour described the scene on Wednesday evening as emergency services filled the road.

He said: ‘First thing I heard was all the sirens. I looked out the window and there was about six or seven police cars, three or four ambulances. There were a lot of paramedics and doctors.

‘Lots of people were in the road, the police were trying to disperse them.

‘Then I saw the man and woman coming out on stretchers. She came out first, then he came out about 10 minutes later.

‘The road was closed off at both ends, then the street opened up again at about 10.30pm.’

The Metropolitan Police said the woman found at the address had not been stabbed, despite initial reports that she had been.

There have been no arrestes.

Police said in a statement this afternoon: ‘At this very early stage, the matter is being treated as a domestic incident with no other persons believed involved.

‘Inquiries continue into the circumstances.’

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